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Jay Aubrey Jackson
1)Focus Hope "International" 2009'

2)* B.S.B.A./MGT/MKT/HON/CMU/89'.

3)* 3 Panduit "INTL."  
      ("Computer") Cable Licenses.

4)* Exempt - Lifetime -COMPTIA A+ 
      ("Computer Repair") License.

5)* Certifications in Vista, 
      Word, Powerpoint, Excel.

6)* Nominated for a "National" award           for  achieving 890/900 on the                 A+ ("Computer Repair") License           Test

7)* Certified Business Professional Lic
8)* Past Intrtl Mensa Cllquy Cmlprd  

9)* Member TOPS IHIQS Sunesis 

10.)*WIN TI Myst HPS ach                   .

11.)*Past Inductee IQ "WORLD" review        hall-fame(1 of 177-u.s.a.)

12.)*First 2 time "USA" inductee                     "WORLD" Genius Directory
13.)* hamilton institute Thinktank
Kenneth Sean Hester
1)* Focus Hope "International"
      Information Technology Graduate.

2)* 3 Panduit "INTL."   
      ("Computer") Cable Licenses.

3)* Exempt - Lifetime - COMPTIA  
       A+ ("Computer Repair") License.

4)* Certifications in Vista, Word,   
      Powerpoint, Excel.

5)* Certified Business Professional Lic

6)* Retired Veteran of the "UNITED
      STATES" Armed Force("U.S.A.A.")

7)* 24 Years experience in "Computer
      Repair" &("Computer") Building

8)* Self Taught Mechanic("Computer")       Auto, Home, Audio.

About Us:The "Mobile Computer Repair" Technicians
We are family-owned and operated in the Metro Detroit Area. Other ("Mobile Computer Repair") business may offer similar ("Mobile Computer Repair") services, but Jay and Ken offer ("Mobile Computer Repair") support services with that extra ("Mobile Computer Repair") personal touch.​